The Coffee Fruit

A lot of people do not realize that coffee is a fruit and comes from a plant that must be loved and cared for years before it arrives at your door. We do everything we can to ensure that the product you receive meets the highest standards of quality by forming a deep bond with the agricultural artisans that grow the crop.

Robin Gutierrez

Third generation coffee farmer, Robin Gutierrez, pictured here with co-founder Chad Morton, has four lots in the Agua Dulce valley in the Huehuetenango region of Guatemala. Robin purchased and inherited his farms from his father, who inherited from his grandfather. Robin's family has been farming for over 50 years.

Amplifying Nature

We have roasted this coffee in a way to bring out the best qualities and highlight the natural subtleties and unique flavors of the beans, which come from a multitude of factors such as altitude, soil, region, harvest and processing that are specific to the region of origin.

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Roast Umber coffee comes from the highlands of Huehuetenango. You'll love the balanced and smooth flavor.

We chose this coffee for its balanced sweetness and smooth flavor. The Central American regions are known for crisp, clean coffee with good acidity and a balanced aftertaste.

This coffee bean comes from one farm. That means that you experience the region's
qualities and characteristics. You get the terroir and connectivity to the land.

We connect you directly to the farmers that nurture the plant along its journey from seed to cup. This ensures that you get the best product and help to directly impact the sustainability of the land and business.