Tip Your Farmer
Roast Umber is guided by ethics and excellence. We have chosen to provide you the opportunity to tip the farmer. This allows us to pay it forward in a way that has a powerful impact on the gardener that provided you the cup of coffee you will be receiving.

Your contribution goes directly to help the farm. This means providing food for his pickers, overall farm maintenance, coffee patio repairs, and new tires for the truck that drives up the hillsides with the product. Coffee pickers that are productive usually bring in about $10/ day, sometimes less or sometimes more. 

Our partner Robin is very mechanical and has transitioned his farm to uniquely using electrical energy for most things. This does not account for the fuel for the wet mill and the truck. All the expenses of operating the farm and preparing specialty coffee to happen before the sale of the product to you. 

Your tips can have a huge impact on offsetting the cost incurred by growing specialty coffee and allows for a direct impact on the quality of life of the people that create this coffee.

Please consider giving some love to the ones that grow the coffee we roast for you. 

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