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©2020 by Roast Umber. Proudly roasted in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Roast Umber was founded with the mission to break down barriers to you enjoying your preferred cup of coffee.
We recognize that like us, you also believe in giving back and care about the world around us which is why for every bag of coffee you purchase, a portion of those sales will go to earth conservation efforts. 

Sourcing Your Experience, Every Step Intentional:


As coffee roasters, we work closely with the farms we source our raw beans from. These relationships help us understand the subtleties of coffee economics, the specialty coffee industry, and the raw beans.


We care about every aspect of your experience. Whether you are enjoying our coffee at home, at a restaurant or cafe, collaborating with co-workers at the office, or wherever your place is, we want that experience to be consistent and memorable. 

Brad Gakenheimer

Brad fell into coffee when a local coffee roaster approached him to participate in his roasting company and coffee bar. From there, Brad became even more passionate about the industry as a whole and the farm to cup process. Brad's experience has helped him to understand many aspects in the industry from running and managing a cafe to the sales and operations of a coffee roasting business. He has worked and trained with many people across the industry and is a strong advocate to sustainability within the coffee supply-chain. He believes the future of coffee can be supported by all of us from the growers, farmers and roasters, all the way to the end customer. 

Chad Morton

Chad’s journey into coffee began when he traveled to Guatemala on a mission trip building homes for widows. On this trip he met with a coffee farmer named Andres and started bringing coffee back to the US in backpacks. On several return trips, he met with founders of various coffee companies and roasters to establish their direct-trade buying programs. He then went on to co-found the Direct Trade Coffee Club. Chad has been a strong advocate for sustainability across the coffee supply-chain, beginning with the farms. He has been quoted in various publications including international business white papers, books, and magazines. Chad has collaborated with coffee pioneers across the industry pushing for more awareness around sustainability in specialty coffee. Chad is passionate about your experiences with coffee at all levels.


Marc Colcer

A serial entrepreneur, Marc has launched and been involved in a variety of ventures. In addition to his love for espresso, Marc's passions in coffee have been in creating and sustaining a memorable and unique experience no matter how, where, or why you drink your coffee. His focus on brand engagement has made us as a company pursue opportunities that better align you as a customer to our brand. Marc's mission to give back to the communities we serve and his world wide relationships have allowed us to partner with amazing organizations and charities across the world.  

Brent Hawkins

Brent has worked with a variety of coffee companies across the industry from coffee equipment manufacturers to roasters and cafes. His expertise on the data, analytics, marketing, and logistical fronts have allowed us as a company to grow at an accelerated pace leveraging relationships that have helped us in our launch, pursuits, and initiatives. In addition to creating a better experience for the consumer, Brent's passions also lie within the business owners, chefs, and general managers that are purchasing and preparing our coffee. This allows our team to identify the resources they need to be successful.