Connecting the Dots

We want to take this chance to bring you closer to our farmer Robin Gutierrez. He is the essential person that makes your morning brew possible. Without him, there would not be us.

Robin lives and works in Huehuetenango, Guatemala. He now is the third generation to operate his land. He is known as one of the happiest guys around his community and can always be found smiling and laughing. The love of his family and community drives him and he is grateful to be amongst people that always are helping each other with what they need. 

Along his journey, he has dedicated himself to learning more about the coffee industry and how to create a farm that provides incredible sustainable specialty coffee. This passion for education extends to his family. He is the one that helps his kids with homework and accomplishing their goals. His eldest daughter is just now finishing her journey to being their fist college graduate, while his other daughter is preparing to go on the same path. His youngest son at age twelve is already becoming known for his mechanical skills and his ability to drive large pickups through the mountainous region of Huehuetenango! In fact, it is Robin and his son that often are working on or improving the vehicles on their farm and around them.

We thought it was important for you to know that on the other end of your cup of coffee there is a living breathing man who is dedicated to providing his family with opportunities through his belief in education, community, and sustainability. Not only that but he does it all with grace and smile. 

We encourage you to not tip the barista today-but tip the farmer who makes it all possible.

Written by Roast Umber